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Projects in Progress

Reef Regeneration
Utila is very lucky as our reefs are still in a very good and healthy condition and the members of UDSEC will strive to keep them in good condition by creating projects to this end.

A few UDSEC members are working together to help re populate the Staghorn and Elkhorn Coral which has been so dramatically reduced in the Caribbean since approximately 1998. They have been working with specialists from other countries who have managed to breed these corals on nursery frames, once they have grown to a reasonable size they are then placed back on the reef to re populate it.

Another method of regeneration we are experimenting with is reef balls. Reef balls are large concrete structures with holes made in them, they will be placed in specific areas to create fish habitats and artificial foundations for new reef growth.

Dive Buoys
The dive buoys around the island, approximately 130 at the moment, are paid for and maintained by UDSEC, this is an ongoing job with the need for all buoys to be serviced, repaired and new ones placed. The buoys are an important part of protecting the reef in that they provide safe mooring for the dive boats and also get rid of the need to use anchors which break delicate reef structure.

Whale Sharks
All members of the council are totally committed to the welfare of the Whale Shark, a common visitor to the waters around Utila. Rules of encounter with the Whale Sharks have been agreed and introduced on all dive boats on Utila.

On Land
UDSEC has been funding the local Tourist police force on the island, these police are friendly locals who are there to help tourists during the evening hours.

UDSEC are involved in an ongoing project of keeping the environment clean, with continual beach cleanups.

Other projects
UDSEC is looking at Rubbish Disposal, plastic recycling and fish breeding programs.A new idea being explored at the moment is special mats which will be placed in all boat bilges to reduce oil contamination the waters around Utila